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Are you running any TikTok ads? Do you have optimized ads for Facebook and Instagram? Are you able to scale your ad campaigns? If the answer was no to any of those questions, you are leaving money on the table. Wraith Studios will manage your media buying and collaborate with your creative strategy to increase your ROAS and help scale your business.

What we work with

Offering ad campaign management on the following platforms:

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Who we work with

Personal and Ecommerce brands looking to scale their:

  • Course, Coaching, and other Info Products
  • Direct to Consumer Products

TikTok ad spend increase from Q1 to Q2


Sharp Increase, especially in stores in the $1m-$5m revenue range

TikTok's 1bn+ User Base

This year 27.3% of TikTok users will make purchases via the platform, up from just 5.7% in 2020. With TikTok's user base more willing to purchase in-app, combined with the comparative lack of advertisers to competitor platforms, TikTok is a no-brainer.

7%+ average CTR

56% of TikTok users say that TikTok ads have lead them to discover new brands / products


We believe that TikTok ads are underutilized. Our media buyers have over $500k+ combined ad spend on TikTok with an accompanying millions of dollars of revenue generated.

TikTok is not the once underutilized platform it used to be, with dirt-cheap CPMs. But with that said, the targeting quality of the platform improves by the day, and brands simply cannot afford to ignore this platform any longer. Don't leave money on the table.

Look, even though we are adamant that companies should be running TikTok ads, we don't hate Instagram or Facebook ads. In fact, we would argue that at this present moment, they are more fit for faster scaling due to Meta’s extremely tuned targeting. Our media buyers have a combined $5m+ total ad spend on the platforms, and absolutely think they should be utilized.

Our Three Pronged Process

Collaborating, Researching, Strategizing

Our team works with you to fully understand your market and your unique position in that market so that we can form a winning strategy.

Testing, Adjusting, and more Testing

We utilize data driven testing to find the exact targeting, copy, and creatives that will grow your brand to the next level.

Scaling and Continued Testing

With a crystalized strategy and data proven testing, it’s time to pour gas on the fire. We continue to test, and scale the creatives and audiences that are performing well.

Hire Us

Leave the advertising to us and give your team time to focus on what you do best.